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Photos and Videos from the WNPJ Fall Assembly

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Thanks to PSR, VFP #102, and

WNPJ Board members for these photos from the Fall Assembly in Milwaukee, Nov 13th!! Learn more here...

1) Art Heitzer receives Lifetime Achievement Award form co-chairs, Tynnetta Jackson and Mary Kay Baum. 2) Key-note speaker, Angela Harris - Milwaukee educator on Abolition. 3) Board member, Dena Eakles, intorducing Angela Harris - while zoomers look on. 4)Board member Debra Gillispie introduces the Peacemaker of the year, Claude Motley. 5) Board member John Peck facilitates the WNPJ business meeting. 6) Julie Enslow of Milwaukee gives introductory remarks about Art Heitzer's Lifetime of peace and justice work. 7) Claude Motley, Peacemaker of the Year and 8) Several of the newly elected WNPJ Board members, John Peck, Mary Kay Baum, Tynnetta Jackson, Vicki Berenson and Debra Gillispie.

Videos from the 2022 WNPJ Assembly are now ready!

Many thanks to volunteer editor Dan Folkman for putting this together!

1) Keynote Angela Harris - Milwaukee abolitionist educator, introduced by Dena Eakles:

2) Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Art Heitzer, peace activist and advocate for normalizing relations with Cuba. Introduced by Julie Enslow, Tynnetta Jackson and Mary Kay Baum:

3) Peacemaker of the Year Award recipient Claude Motley, introduced by Debra Gillispie: Video clip from the film: More about the award-winning film "When Claude Got Shot":

4) What does Abolition mean to you? Tynnetta Jackson, interviewed by Debra Gillispie and comments by Judy Miner, former Network Coordinator



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