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There's a Gathering in Madison March 24 - 27

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

To see news of this event April 2023 - go here:

Brenna Cussen's article in the National Catholic Reporter, with photos by Theo Kayser. "Catholic Workers gather in Madison to protest new F-35 fighter jets | National Catholic Reporter (


There will be a film and two public talks as part of the gathering. All are welcome for these.

Public Talks at the Catholic Worker Faith & Resistance Gathering. Learn more & RSVP here: times and locations!

#1 Topic: Why should we ground the F-35 fighter jet and abolish war?

Kathy Kelly, Board President, World BEYOND War

Vicki Berenson, Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin

Steven Klafka, Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin


#2. Sunday Panel Discussion

Danaka Katovich, Ground the F-35 Program Coordinator & National Co-Director, CODEPINK Women for Peace

Brian Terrell, Strangers & Guests Catholic Worker & Nevada Desert Experience ####### Who is organizing this? An assortment of people who have been active with Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin - and also connected to other organizations - are pulling together the details to host the gathering. The Catholic Worker folks will take the lead - they have held these gatherings for years and are experienced facilitators for making things happen. Learn more about the Catholic Worker Movement and their allies. Since last April, in Madison World BEYOND WAr has held 24 war abolition walks to call for negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, and all wars. We have started a new Madison chapter of the international anti-war group World BEYOND War. We hope you can join us in March. - Janet, Stefania, Tom and others



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