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There's a Gathering in Madison March 24 - 27 - you won't want to miss.

We are delighted that Madison, Wisconsin has been invited to host the 20th Catholic Worker Midwest Faith and Resistance Gathering! Can you please consider saving the dates March 24 – 27, 2023 to join us in a strong war abolition direct action here?

In 2020, the Air Force decided to base a fleet of F-35 warplanes in Madison. Hundreds of people in Madison got active to oppose the siting, see The decision to bring the planes is being challenged in Federal court now. The Air Force is planning to bring nuclear-capable F-35s to Madison next spring.

We are inspired by the history of Plowshares activists’ work against militarism. And by Italian dock workers unions who in recent years are refusing to load weapons shipments for wars.

Since last April, in Madison we have held 23 war abolition walks to call for negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, and all wars. We have started a new Madison chapter of the international anti-war group World BEYOND War, whose board chair is CW Kathy Kelly.

Can you come learn, reflect, and act with us for war abolition? We’ll also try to include time in the weekend to visit special places in Madison – effigy mounds, and OM Village, a utopian tiny home community.

Please drop us a line if you might come …

Justin and Janet, for the hosts team in Madison

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