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The Struggle Continues…an Action Alert from Building Unity

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Starting back on January 10th, the Building Unity Tour for Justice and Democracy invited all of the WI Supreme Court candidates to answer some of our questions.

Two candidates have responded positively to us: Judge Everett Mitchell and Judge Janet Protasiewicz. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten any response from Justice Kelly.

Now, on Feb. 23rd, with the primary over and Judge Mitchell no longer in the race, we need Justice Kelly’s participation in order to hold any of the candidate forums that will help give Wisconsinites the information they need to make an educated choice on or before April 4th.

Democracy only works with an informed electorate. We, the people, want answers before we vote on April 4th. We need leaders who are responsive to their electorate and not hiding behind big money television advertisements that often lie and distort the truth.

Please write to the Justice Kelly Campaign. Ask him to participate with the Wisconsin Tour for Justice and Democracy’s Forums, or simply provide some answers to the people by sending them in an email.

You can use our sample letter and email address that you will find here: or you can write your own letter.

  • Help Justice Kelly see that this grassroots project has the support of people and groups, large and small, all across Wisconsin, who are ready to put democracy into the hands of the people - not just the “Big Money Players.”

  • Sign up here to receive links to our virtual events and to receive updates like this one about the Tour.

  • Follow the Tour - Show up in Solidarity - either in person or virtually!

  • Check out our schedule for the details of all eight weeks of the tour. We will update this schedule often as tour stop plans are solidified.

  • Register Here:

  • Join virtually! Much of the tour will be streamed live to Facebook at:

You can help by promoting the Wisconsin Tour for Justice and Democracy.

Contact for more information:



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