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The Golden Rule Docks in Sheboygan this month!

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The historic 34-foot wooden ketch Golden Rule, now owned by Veterans for Peace, was the first boat to engage in direct environmental action, setting sail in 1958 with a crew of Quaker pacifists to stop nuclear weapons tests in the Marshall Islands.

Now after 65 years, several sinkings, and a major rebuild; she and her crew are still sharing her nuclear disarmament message.

And soon she will be in Sheboygan for 3 or 4 days! Mark your calendar (and watch ours) Aug 25th thru 29th.

While the Golden Rule is here in Sheboygan, we and her crew are hoping to engage with the community about nuclear issues and their many connections to life around the world. If you or a group you know of are interested in a presentation and/or discussion, please let us know.

Good background info on the sailboat herself in a Wikipedia article here. Where is she right now you ask? Watch her travels and location through the Great Lakes with the Garmin 10min position map

Check out the Golden Rule VFP website:

There will be a community event sponsored by Physicians for Social Responsibility and VFP August 26th 1pm to 4pm at the southwest end of Rotary Riverview Park. Stop in to see the sailboat, meet the crew, learn more of her mission, and enjoy some music and good food.

Other planned events include day sailing, stay posted and watch our upcoming Facebook Event pages, thanks!

Chris Kuehnel

Veterans for Peace, Sheboygan

920.683.3141 Ext#100



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