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Seeking candidates: Are you impacted by lack of commutations of sentences in Wisconsin?

In effort to raise awareness of the lack of commutations of sentences in the state of Wisconsin, WISDOM is seeking a case to lift up to the attention of the public and the Governor’s office. It is our hope that bringing to light a specific individual will help urge Governor Evers to establish a Commutations Committee to begin to review cases of disproportionate sentencing.

If you would like to present your incarcerated loved one as a possible candidate for the initial publication, send the following information to by March 24th, 2023. Please note that if your loved one is not selected for this initial campaign, we may still reach out to you for future publications.

Please note: Eligible candidates have not yet had their first parole review

  1. Full name, DOC number and current institution name

  2. Age at time the crime was committee

  3. Exact crime(s), sentence length(s) and sentencing date

  4. Parole eligibility date and length of time incarcerated, so far

  5. List of all programs completed (include certificates if available)

  6. List of all conduct reports and dates received with a brief description of the incident (include images of the reports)

  7. Other evidence that the individual has been rehabilitated (letters from judges, DOC documentation, etc.)

  8. Your name and the best number to reach you at, should we need further information during the selection process

In Solidarity,

David Liners



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