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Coming together for peace has never been easy.

The founding of WNPJ was based on a coalition of people uniting for a single goal: to end the Gulf War.

Wars continue, the excuses for war continue and we have not found the secret ingredient to ending war, if there is one.

But peace-minded people must try.

In hopes of finding common ground you are welcome to a zoom call hosted by Peace Action WI and Milwaukee End the Wars Coalition and co-sponsored by WNPJ, Veterans for Peace #25 Madison, Echo Valley Hope, Interfaith Peace Working Group, Building Unity, and others.

Participate in a discussion with speakers on differing viewpoints as we seek common ground. Please register and share: · Peace talks now · Mutual ceasefire · No U.S. actions to escalate or prolong the war Saturday, Apr 15, 3:00 – 4:30 pm

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