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Caroline Quarlls Day * July 22, 3:30 * Johnson's Park, MLK

Caroline Quarlls was a sixteen year old who escaped slavery and the first known person to travel the Underground Railroad through Wisconsin. She made her way to Canada where she met and married another freed slave, Allen Watkins, and together they raised six children in Sandwich (now Windsor), Ontario, Canada.

This invitation is sent to Abolitionists to honor her:

“You are kindly welcome to Johnsons Park at the southwest corner of 17th and Fond Du Lac Avenue in Milwaukee, on Saturday, July 22, 3:30 PM. This is the location of the Brown Farm; a place where, during her escape to Canada, Caroline Quarlles found shelter.

Dr. Clayborn Benson, from the Wisconsin Black Historical Society, will be providing historical background about this place in Milwaukee’s Abolitionist history.

We will also speak about Abolitionist issues of today.”

On another note: a recent vandal attack on the Wisconsin Black Historical Society has initiated the need for funds. If you can help, please visit this GoFundMe page. Posted by WNPJ Board member, Dena Eakles -



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