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Action Alert from Palestine Partners - Make a phone call!

On the heels of South Africa's powerful testimony at the International Court of Justice and right after this Saturday'smassive demonstrations in DC and San Francisco, news comes that Sen. Bernie Sanders' resolution (SR 504) to require the US government to investigate and potentially restrict US military aid to Israel is scheduled to come up for a vote on Tuesday, January 16 at 5:30 pm ET.

Here is a good analysis of the resolution & its potential impact. Also this one from Huffpost.

MRSCP is suggesting that all coalition members to try to take action on Tuesday to pressure Sen. Tammy Baldwin to support this resolution.  Baldwin is among a group of about a dozen Senators who might possibly be persuaded to support it.

Some ideas for action include visits to, vigils or demonstrations at her offices around the state, phone calls to BOTH her DC and especially her local offices (numbers listed below) as well as using her online "contact me" form to express your support for the resolution (especially as it seems lately in DC you just get the recording.) 

DC  (202) 224-5653

Madison  (608) 264-5338

Milwaukee  (414) 297-4451

La Crosse (608) 796-0045

Green Bay (920) 498-2668

Ladysmith (715) 832-8424

Eau Claire (715) 832-8424

In Madison there be a vigil at Baldwin’s office

Cassandra Dixon - contact for Palestine Partners



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