New WNPJ website - coming in August....

Watch for updates here! Coming in August....

Request for WNPJ member organizations to team up on the WNPJ collective events calendar!

Greetings WNPJ members! In the near future, we will unveil a new WNPJ website!  We hope it will serve as a tool to communicate our values and vision throughout Wisconsin and beyond. 

Tutorial on how to share your calendar event info with WNPJ

Here is a short (less than 2 minute)  tutorial to guide you through sharing your basic event info with WNPJ via the google form. 

WNPJ offers.....

WNPJ acts as a connector, catalyst, incubator, amplifier and reflection space for current and prospective members and groups. Join us! 

Please send events, announcements and action alerts to

We send a compilation of Action Alerts, Upcoming Events and News from our 70 Member Organizations near the beginning of each week. You choose which ones you want to read about and act on!  Sign up here

Support amendments to cut runaway Pentagon spending

We have an opportunity right now to cut the military’s sky-high budget and invest in our communities, but it can’t happen without your help.

Rational Hope in a Time of Despair by Matthew Rothschild

OK, let’s face it head on: Many of us are in despair right now over the direction of our country. Part of the problem is our reactionary Supreme Court.

Join the Plastic Free July Challenge!

Plastic Free July® is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.

A Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine and the People of Russia Who Are Demanding Peace

From the Board of the Wisconsin Network for Peace and JusticeGlobal citizens are witnessing a transgression against humanity and a violation of international law as Russian military might continues to roll over the independent nation of Ukraine. 

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