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Join WNPJ for the 2024 Spring Assembly!

Updated: 12 hours ago

The annual spring meeting of the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice (that's us!) is on Saturday, May 18, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Join Zoom Meeting here....

or Dial in: 1-312-626-6799 Meeting ID: 882 7806 1787 Passcode: 666570

Our 2024 theme is "Environmental Justice - Confronting Extreme Extraction and Ending Resource Wars on Indigenous and Frontline People"

Some highlights:

  • Dena Eakles will talk about the work of WNPJ's recently created Environmental Justice Task Force, made possible by a BEA grant, and make connections between environmental issues and war. 

  • This will be an opportunity for WNPJ member groups to make connections and share how they have been responding to the war in Gaza-Israel.

Connect on your own via Zoom, or meet with a group to connect to Zoom at one of the satellite locations in Superior, Keshena, and MadisonSome locations may offer social/potluck/networking opportunities. It's free, and open to all! Register to get the Zoom link.

Register here --->

Viewing parties at -

The purpose of this annual spring meeting is to offer a program to set our WNPJ goals and vision for the year ahead, with input from our member groups and allies."Reports from the Field" will allow member group contacts five minutes to update us on their activities. Let us know if you want to speak for your member group on the registration form.

We will choose a nominating committee for new board members, who will begin their term this fall. If you're interested in serving on the board or nominating committee, let us know at

Background on Line 5!

On Thursday, May 2nd, WNPJ hosted a presentation on Line 5 – a space to learn more about the Line 5 pipeline, the risks it poses, and actions that can be taken to raise awareness. We started with an important grounding by Aurora Conley, Bad River Ojibwe, who spoke about the cultural significance of the land and water, and how this dangerous pipeline threatens the Band’s way of life. Britnie Remer, with 350 Wisconsin, then provided an overview of the history of Line 5 and outlined actions that can be taken to get involved in this fight, as well as answered questions from participants. Together, Aurora and Britnie were able to connect the dots in this struggle from the climate crisis and environmental justice, to poverty and its interlocking injustices, to extreme extraction and resource wars, and the threat of eradication of entire Tribal cultures.

Below is the recording along with the links that Britnie shared during the presentation. Please take some time to watch the recording and look through the links before we meet on May 18th.



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