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Would you like to do something this week, or this month, to boldly, publicly oppose war?

Here are some invitations! See below.

It's a time of opportunity. Many people think that we should not be sending cluster bombs to Ukraine. Last Friday, 147 members of the House of Representatives voted to block shipment of cluster bombs to Ukraine. 49 of them are Democrats. That's by far the biggest challenge to the war in Ukraine to date by Democrats in Congress.

We're bannering, tabling, and meeting many people. Please come out and help us build a mass movement to abolish war. Drop us a line at if you can join us for any of these events!

Thursday, July 20, yes this Thursday - today!, 1:00 - 3:00 pm - bannering and tabling on Library Mall, Madison.

Quaker Peace Presence last Thursday on Library Mall.

Saturday mornings - tabling at farmers market. You pick the date, we bring World BEYOND War flyers, banners, etc.

Brad and Jason bannering last Saturday at farmers market.

Monday, July 24 - 11:00 am - 1:00 pm - bannering and tabling at MATC.

Any day, many times - flyering at the film Oppenheimer. It's playing at three theaters in Madison. Antiwar and antinuclear activists are flyering at showings around the country. Here's a flyer:

How and where else would you like to speak up for peace?

Cicadas singing, Janet & Stefania, World BEYOND WAr - Madison

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