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WISDOM Action Alert - Support a WI bill affecting DACA youth

For a very long time, WISDOM and the WISDOM Action Network have been dedicated to promoting justice and compassion for the immigrants who reside and work among us.

The previous work on immigration reform has been disappointing. Our newest neighbors are often used as a scapegoat or even demonized by many politicians. We anticipated that hearts and minds would shift when the pandemic revealed that immigrants, both documented and undocumented, made up a sizable number of the "essential workers" on whom we depend, but few did. Even "friendly" elected leaders frequently exhibit timidity and ambivalence in their backing. I am pleased that WISDOM leaders have persevered despite challenges. Now, there is a good probability that we will make at least one step in the correct direction. The "DACA Police Bill" (Senate Bill 78/Assembly Bill 51) has bipartisan support in the Wisconsin legislature. The law would make it possible for youth participating in the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program to work for their local sheriff's office and police force. These individuals are allowed to work in the US and may even be able to join the state police. Simply put, the bill would repeal an odd provision that prevents non-citizens from serving as municipal law enforcement officials. The DACA Police Bill is a modest but positive move. Additionally, it might be quite helpful for some families and law enforcement. You could assist with this: If you live in Wisconsin, you can find your State Senator by entering your address in the "Who Are My Legislators?" field on the Wisconsin State Legislature Home Page. Call them and ask them to support the "DACA Police Bill" also known as SB78. If you want to take action further, you can take part in a simple process by making a few phone calls to individuals associated with WISDOM in significant legislative districts to urge them to get in touch with their legislators. Please get in touch with WISDOM's Digital Organizer Amanda Ali at if you would like to get involved. Finally, it appears that in the near future, the legislature may seriously explore allowing undocumented individuals to apply for driver's licenses (as many other states permit). That measure, which also receives strong bipartisan support, could gain some steam if the DACA Police Bill succeeds in getting passed. Stay tuned for updates on that! In Solidarity,

David Liners

Executive Director, WISDOM Action Network



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