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Wisconsin Action Alert...

Representatives Barbara Lee (CA) and Mark Pocan (WI) have re-introduced the People Over Pentagon Act in the House of Representatives, which would cut $100-billion from the Pentagon budget.

The National Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress last December is the largest Pentagon budget ever, at $858 billion, an $80 billion increase over what was authorized in 2021.

The USA spends more on its military than the next 9 countries combined.No nation can afford this! Upon introducing the bill, Rep. Lee said “Cutting just $100 billion could do so much good: it could power every household in the U.S. with solar energy; hire 1 million elementary school teachers amid a worsening teacher shortage; provide free tuition for 2 out of 3 public college students; or cover medical care for 7 million veterans.” Over half of the military budget goes directly to for-profit corporations and their executives.

According to Rep. Pocan, “We can no longer afford to put these corporate interests over the needs of the American people. It’s time to invest in our communities and make meaningful change that reflects our nation’s priorities.” ASK YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TO CO-SPONSOR IT HERE.

Action Alert sent to WNPJ by Milwaukee's Veterans for Peace



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