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What's the Truth About Parole?

The nearly 2,000 Wisconsinites who are eligible for parole were all sentenced more than 22 years ago by judges who assumed they would have a chance to earn their release by now. Those who were released in the past four years have worked hard at needed jobs and have supported their families and communities. And none of them has been found to have committed a new violent crime.

Some politicians and their wealthy friends have spent a fortune trying to spread a false message about parole. We know that when we are told the truth, Wisconsinites are fair and reasonable people.

Tell your elected officials that you support a functioning parole system, so that people can get the second chance that was promised to them long ago. The parole-eligible people have done their part, we need our elected officials to do theirs. Click here to find your elected officials along with their contact information.

In Solidarity,

David Liners

Executive Director, WISDOM



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