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Urgent Action Alert from Madison Rafah Sister City Project - Sign the Petition!

Dear Fellow Members of WNPJ, As Gaza reels under the horrific Israeli bombardment, we are asking all member groups to take whatever action you can to stop it. Our government is using our tax dollars to underwrite and escalate this war against 2 million captive Palestinians -- at least three-quarters of whom are women and children -- with weapons, military advisors and political cover. In doing this they risk a much wider regional conflagration that could engulf many more millions of people in the region and beyond. Please join the call for a ceasefire now, and urge your members to sign. Also consider joining the Wisconsin Coalition for Justice in Palestine, which is focusing its attention on the shameful bipartisan consensus in support of war by our elected representatives, and our media's complicity forging popular opinion in favor of war. See their statement below. We realize that people have different views about underlying causes and what has been happening in the past few weeks, however, we urge everyone to put those differences aside and unite to stop something that we all agree must end. You can join the coalition by contacting Janan Najeeb: War IS NEVER the Answer.

Thank you, Barb Olson for Madison-Rafah Sister City Project Cassandra Dixon for Palestine Partners and Mary House ps--Please read this new article by Richard Falk on the absolute urgency of a ceasefire.



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