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UNA USA Dane County Chapter issues an Action Alert on the Israel-Hamas conflict

Dear UNA members and/or supporters,

The following message was adopted by the full UNA Dane board on the Israel-Hamas conflict at the UNA Dane County Board recent retreat on Saturday November 4.

We urge you to print, sign and mail to Congressman Mark Pocan , 10 East Doty St., Suite 405, Madison, WI 53703. (letter follows)

You can also go to his website and send message digitally (enter your zip code and click "go to next step") or call his office 608-258-9800 to convey message.

Thank you, Mary Muse UNA-UDA Dane County Board President Sam Romano, UNA-USA Dane County Board Advocacy Chair

UNA Dane County is a member group of WNPJ

November 4, 2023

To: Congressman Mark Pocan 10 East Doty Street, Suite 405 Madison, WI 53703

I am writing to thank you for your October 18, 2023 statement calling for cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas and supporting a robust package of humanitarian aid for both Israel and Gaza. As the violence continues, we are witnessing massive loss of life and tragedy in Gaza. With each day of violence we are careening toward a wider war in the Middle East. Thank you for being out front and thank you for political courage in offering your statement which refers to the seemingly indiscriminate bombing in Gaza as “collective punishment” of innocent civilians and children. Please let me know if there is anything I can do or anything the United Nations Association of Dane County can do to support you as you push for the settlement of hostilities and humanitarian relief in this conflict. Sincerely,

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