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UKRAINE Peace? Invitation to a WI Organizing Zoom!

We invite you to a statewide zoom meeting for WI peace people on Sat., April 15, 3 pm - 4:30 pm.Please register in advance for this meeting at: .


We hope participants will come away with ideas they can use for local action.

Please share this with your friends. The zoom meeting will deal with framing the issue and feature folks who can describe lobbying Congress, organizing public events such as stands for peace, petitioning, and more.

It will include an expert on the Ukraine war, former CIA officer turned political activist Ray McGovern, for an update on the current situation and peace negotiations, answers to detail questions, and suggestions for how to

talk to Congress about sending weapons. Other viewpoints are welcome.

Our place in the peace movement is that we want the U.S. government to change policy to promote peace talks now and mutual ceasefire, and to take no actions to escalate or prolong the war.

This project, "Uniting Wisconsin to end the War in Ukraine" is sponsored by the Milwaukee End the Wars Coalition and Peace Action-WI, and co-sponsored by the WI Network for Peace and Justice, Building Unity WI, the Interfaith Peace Working Group, Echo Valley Hope, and Veterans for Peace, Madison, WI Clarence Kailin Chapter 25.

Thanks for assistance from the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Several WI peace leaders will be on the zoom to help with strategy and action planning. These include Jim Carpenter of the Milwaukee End the Wars Coalition, Pam Richard from Peace Action WI, Mary Kay Baum from the WI Network for Peace and Justice, Steve Watrous and Martha Collins

from the United Nations Association-Milwaukee chapter*, John Peck from Family Farm Defenders*, Tim Cordon from Building Unity, Art Heitzer from the WI Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba*, Brad Geyer from Madison Vets for Peace, Dena Eakles from Echo Valley Hope, and from the

Interfaith Peace Working Group: Rev. Dr. Jerry Folk, Jane Kavaloski, and Fred Trost. We are seeking people to describe what peace tactic worked for them.

The need: the war in Ukraine grinds on with death and destruction, plus danger of nuclear escalation, while our peace movement is divided and unable to pressure Congress and Pres. Biden to do more serious negotiating and to avoid escalating the war. To make our contribution to peace, WI activists need to find some unity and then organize more work on public opinion, the media, etc., and not just in Milwaukee and Madison.

Organizers of this project also support: the continuation of humanitarian aid to victims of the war, U.S. acceptance of refugees, the brave individuals in Ukraine and Russia who use non-violent tactics to oppose this war, and funding for our domestic needs instead of war.

To endorse or help with this effort, or ask questions, please contact Steve Watrous at or 414-429-7567.

[*Group names for identification purposes only.]



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