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Transformational Justice Campaign Call To Action

Members of WISDOM, EXPO and FREE rallied at the WI State Capitol 12/8/22 and addressed legislators on the need for dignity throughout the penal system and to end racial and economic disparities that fuel mass incarceration. They spoke eloquently on the need to recognize that people who are convicted of crimes are human beings, members of families and communities and need to be restored fully to civic life.

They were not asking for reform, but for transformation. The “asks” were these: $15 million to go towards Treatment Alternatives and Diversions; ending solitary confinement and improving conditions of confinement; ending post-release issues such as Crimeless Revocations (re-incarcerating on technical violations); restoring the right to vote; ending the practice of shackling pregnant women; compassionate release for those who are elderly, ill or who have served many years; and peer support programs and housing for recently released people.

You can view their passionate and clear messages here

This was the kick-off. And while many of us may never be touched by the horrific conditions and the inhumane treatment of the prison system, it is incumbent upon us to demand human dignity and human rights. The reality remains: what happens to one happens to all. For more information contact Mark Rice 608-843-0171.


2821 N Vel Phillips Avenue, #217, Milwaukee, WI 53212

WISDOM is a grassroots organization comprised mostly of religious congregations of several different denominations, which works to have a common, collective voice on issues of social justice.



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