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The Power of Words...

We live in a time where truths are twisted and lies are told to maintain status quo. The racism embedded in our educational and judicial systems are as old as the this country and deeply ingrained.

Which means it is not enough to call out lies. In order to heal, creative ways to articulate and celebrate new ways of thinking are needed.

One of the efforts of WNPJ is to amplify the voices of our member groups. Searching websites for initiatives and statements regarding anti-racism led to finding these:

* Twenty years ago, building on previous efforts, Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa formally committed themselves to become an Anti-Racist congregation… dedicated to eradicating institutional racism and the belief system of White supremacy.

There is tremendous power in our collective. Every demand for Justice holds healing. Every denial of hatred is Abolition. Every step towards Peace is power.

(photo:Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa)



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