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The Golden Rule will be in Milwaukee early September! Save the date and sponsor the event!

The Golden Rule, a storied sailboat that helped bring about an end to atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, will stop in Milwaukee Sept. 1-4 as part of a 15-month, 11,000-mile voyage to inform and educate the public about the dangers of nuclear weapons proliferation.

A number of public events will be held, and speakers/crew members will be available for presentations at schools, churches or other venues. during the four-day visit. VFP Chapter 102 is working with project coordinator Helen Jaccard to plan the schedule and recruit sponsors.

The boat began its trip on the Great Loop route in September on the Mississippi River in Minnesota and is circling the south and east coasts before reaching the Great Lakes this summer. It will make more than 100 stops.

In 1958 a crew of Quakers sailed the Golden Rule from Hawaii towards the Marshall Islands, intending to protest and interfere with atmospheric nuclear weapons tests, although that voyage was halted by the government and the crew arrested. As a result of the mission and others it inspired, and public outcry about the radiation blowing around the world, President Kennedy signed the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1963. The Golden Rule action inspired many peace makers and peace ships that followed, including Greenpeace.

Golden Rule was rescued from a watery grave in 2010 and restored to her former beauty by Veterans For Peace and others who support her new mission: to promote a nuclear free future, to educate about the dangers of radiation to humanity and the environment, and to support peaceful alternatives to war.

The Golden Rule Project supports the climate justice movement and conversion from fossil fuels and nuclear power to renewable energy. Its goal is a nuclear-free world.


Our organizational sponsors benefit greatly from collaboration with the VFP Golden Rule Project.

We can offer, depending on mutual interest and benefit, some or all of these options:

• A speaker from your organization is invited to speak at Golden Rule press conferences and educational events that you sponsor and will be invited to participate in interviews with the press.

• Your organization is featured on our press releases, flyers, Facebook page, web site and PowerPoint presentations as an event sponsor.

• Literature about your organization and issues will be distributed at events as a way to give the public a way to take action and be engaged.

• Contact information of attendees from events that you sponsor will be shared with your organization, and attendees will be encouraged to contact you.

What the VFP Golden Rule Project would like from our sponsors:

• Help us raise funds for the Golden Rule voyage – our goal is to raise $2000 during our Milwaukee stop. The money doesn’t all have to come directly from your organization and we can help with fundraising. Some of the funds will be donated at the events themselves by attendees. But we would appreciate a donation from your organization of any amount.

• Promote the Golden Rule, events and the voyage to your members through your newsletters, social media, web site and email notifications.

• Assist in media outreach for the events and the voyage. Please consider this offer and contact us regarding your organization’s interest in sponsorship.

SPONSORS SO FAR: Milwaukee Veterans For Peace Chapter 102, Peace Action Wisconsin, Physicians For Social Responsibility Wisconsin, Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations With Cuba, United Nations Association of Greater Milwaukee, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom-Milwaukee,Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee


Plan now to join us and participate in the visit. Help us plan. Do you have ideas for events or venues? Are you connected to schools, churches, or organizations that would like a presentation -- or a boat ride? Can you volunteer to help with events? Interested in helping as a crew member? There are lots of ways to be a part of this exciting visit. Just email us at and we will be in touch. This is an early notice, but seven months will fly by, so think about getting involved now. Thanks.

More information:

Bill Christofferson, Milwaukee Veterans For Peace Chapter 102,


Helen Jaccard, Veterans For Peace Golden Rule Project Manager, (206) 992-6364

VFP Golden Rule Project, P. O. Box 87, Samoa, CA 95564



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