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Update: The Golden Rule will go to Cuba in January! Then return to Wisconsin - Fall 2023!

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

The Golden Rule sailing ship, built by Quakers in the 1940’s and supported now by Veterans for Peace, is committed to peace and nuclear non-proliferation. The ship and crew is making an educational loop around the US this fall, sailing down the Mississippi River, a detour then made onto the Ohio River due to low waters in the Mississippi - and now headed toward the East Coast. Follow the trip here:

Special note: the Golden Rule is going to Cuba in January!

Veterans For Peace and the Golden Rule Project are pleased to announce: THE GOLDEN RULE PEACE BOAT WILL SAIL TO CUBA and participate in a special Arts & Culture program there from January 2-8, 2023!

VFP members, Golden Rule supporters, and friends of Cuba are invited to fly to Cuba and join us! The purpose of this voyage is several fold: 1. To participate in an educational Arts & Culture program and People-to-People exchanges. 2. To remind the world how close we came to nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, and to make the parallel connections to the US-Russia standoff in Ukraine today. 3. To express our solidarity with the Cuban people, who are suffering greatly from the recent hurricane that destroyed thousands of homes in Pinar del Rio province. We will deliver humanitarian aid to Pinar del Rio. 4. To call for an end to the US blockade of Cuba (an official VFP position), or at least for a temporary suspension of the blockade, as some Cuba solidarity groups are calling for, in order to facilitate the rebuilding after the hurricane. 5. To gain national and international attention for the nuclear disarmament mission of VFP's Golden Rule peace boat. We will travel to Cuba under a General License that permits travel for educational and people-to-people purposes. This license requires that we participate in an organized schedule of daily activities that meet these criteria. We are merging our Cuba visit with the wonderful Arts & Culture itinerary being organized by Proximity Cuba.

For the itinerary, please see: Cost to participants: $1500 program for Jan 2 - 8. This will include a room in a Cuban home (double occupancy; single occupancy is $1650), most meals, transportation to all events, translation and coordination. $80/day for days before Jan 2 and after Jan 8 (the Golden Rule will be in Cuba several days before and after the Jan. 2-8 program). Airfare to Miami and to Cuba (currently about $350 roundtrip from Miami). Cuban visa ($50-$100) Those traveling by plane should plan to arrive in Havana Dec 30 and Jan 2. Only a few people will be sailing to Cuba on the Golden Rule.

INTERESTED IN JOINING US? Please contact Golden Rule project manager Helen Jaccard at or call her at 206-992-6364. JOIN A SPECIAL ZOOM MEETING ON TUESDAY, NOV. 22 at 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific, with Proximity Cuba's Rodrigo Gonzalez and Sharen Wrobel. See Zoom information below. If you cannot come, but would like to support the voyage: The VFP Golden Rule Project will incur various expenses related to sailing to Cuba. We will also bring humanitarian aid for the victims of Hurricane Ian. We would like to raise $5,000 to cover voyage expenses and another $5,000 (or more) for humanitarian aid. Please donate. Any amount will help! and click Donate • send a check to: VFP Golden Rule Project PO Box 87 Samoa, CA 95564 • phone Helen Jaccard at 206-992-6364 and make a donation by credit card Sailing for a Nuclear-Free World and a Peaceful, Sustainable Future! Helen Jaccard, Project Manager Gerry Condon, President Golden Rule Project VETERANS FOR PEACE 206-992-6364

And after Cuba!

The ship will travel from the East Coast weest through the Great Lakes next summer, with plans to arrive in Milwaukee in Septermber, 2023. The Veterans for Peace Chapter chapter #102 is already planning for the arrival of The Golden Rule in the harbor of Milwaukee. To get involved with that event, contact:

Join the crew to organize around peace and nuclear non-proliferation issues.

Check out the schedule to see where she puts into a port near you! They’re looking for volunteers along the route.

Learn more about the ship’s history here in this 10-minute vimeo:



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