The Golden Rule will Return to Wisconsin - Fall 2023!

Updated: 4 days ago

The Golden Rule sailing ship, built by Quakers in the 1940’s and supported now by Veterans for Peace, is committed to peace and nuclear non-proliferation. The ship and crew is making an educational loop around the US this fall, sailing down the Mississippi River, a detour then made onto the Ohio River due to low waters in the Mississippi - and now headed toward the East Coast. Follow the trip here:

The ship will travel from the East Coast weest through the Great Lakes next summer, with plans to arrive in Milwaukee in Septermber, 2023. The Veterans for Peace Chapter chapter #102 is already planning for the arrival of The Golden Rule in the harbor of Milwaukee. To get involved with that event, contact:

Join the crew to organize around peace and nuclear non-proliferation issues.

Check out the schedule to see where she puts into a port near you! They’re looking for volunteers along the route.

Learn more about the ship’s history here in this 10-minute vimeo:



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