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Thank you to UW-Madison students for the Gaza genocide divestment encampment - from World BEYOND War

Our statement from Madison for a World BEYOND War is in the Daily Cardinal and will be printed in the June edition of Isthmus. Read below....

Did you follow the events of the UW-Madison students’ Gaza divestment encampment?

We of Madison for a World BEYOND War found what happened there extremely inspiring. Of the many things we witnessed, the conduct of the students was a true ray of hope in our murky future. We saw young people capably imagining & creating a better world.

One thing in particular jumps out for us from all that happened in those twelve days of encampment, and that is the way it ended. Negotiation is the reasonable, diplomatic & humane alternative to violent conflict. So we love that the students successfully negotiated with UW-Madison administrators steps towards the university’s divestment from the companies that are profiting from the genocide in Gaza.

We have been demonstrating in the streets and sitting in at legislators’ offices calling for negotiations to end all of the forever wars the U.S. is arming, at collosal human, environmental and economic expense. Most recently, of course, our focus is Ukraine and Palestine. You can learn about our war abolition work at  

The students moved UW-Madison to address systems of oppression and harm. The students wrote about their agreement, “Together we made a very large machine move in a small way, but that is always the hardest step.Details on what they negotiated towards ending the genocide are here -

We do and will support them all the way.

We have no doubt in these young people’s dedication and capability. Thank you students!

Stefania Sani, Susan Freiss and Janet ParkerMadison for a World BEYOND War


Updates on "Take to the Streets' training workshops by World BE'yOND WAr - Madison

Last Wednesday, we brought in trainers Julie and Mohammed from Community Peacemaker Teams and the Des Moines Catholic Worker who led a debrief for people who experienced the police violence at the encampment, and a nonviolence training called "Take to the Streets." We are so grateful to the amazing trainers, and all who participated. We may ask Julie and Mohammed to come again to train since we have a growing list of people who want to participate. Details here. Register here if you might want to be part of a future training, date TBD.  

World BEYOND War chapter session on using social media:

World BEYOND War holds regular meetings for people active in our chapters around the world. This Saturday, May 18 from 11 am - 12:20 pm is a session on using social media effectively for activism. We will hear examples from our staff organizers and from chapters about how they are using different social media platforms to amplify their work, and then we will have time for Q&A and discussion to hear from all chapters about their experiences using social media. Drop us a note at to attend.

Susan, Stefania &



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