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Sign the WI PPC's Petition for expanded Medicaid

At the beginning of February, the Wisconsin Poor People's Campaign launched a petition to the state Joint Finance Committee demanding that they accept federal funds to expand Medicaid, fully fund access to healthcare to ensure that no person in Wisconsin is removed from Medicaid, and to recognize that healthcare is a human right. In that time, nearly one thousand people in 59 counties around the state have signed on.

"Wisconsin should use every resource possible to help meet the needs of its low income citizens!" -Jane "The gap nationally and in Wisconsin between those who have and those who don't grows daily as does our unwillingness to face or think about or change our perspectives on poverty and provisions like healthcare. In the mean time, because it is a mean time, more and more folks fall into the chasm and the struggle grows deeper and filled with panic. What will we do as a community called to care for one another?" -Vicki "As a pastor in the ELCA, I believe all people are created in the image of God, that our lives hold dignity and worth, and that we all deserve access to the health care we need to be well and thrive. To turn away the funds that could help people receive health care is immoral. I ask the Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee: * Accept federal funds to expand Medicaid as 39 other states have already done. * Fully fund access to healthcare to ensure that no person in Wisconsin is removed from Medicaid. * Recognize that Healthcare is a Human Right and an integral part of the command to love our neighbors as ourselves." -Rachel "Healthcare is a human right. I, along with millions of our neighbors, will lose my insurance this April. It's not right. Do not roll back Medicaid coverage, it's saving lives!" -Danielle "We in Wisconsin are surrounded by states, all of which have expanded Medicaid with federal funds. It is time for Wisconsin to do the right thing for our citizens. There is no reason not do this. Let’s take care of our people now." -Dan

Questions? Contact: Wisconsin Poor People's Campaign<>



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