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Sign the petition - expand health care for DACA recipients!

Getting sick is draining enough. No one should have to worry about healthcare barriers on top of that. Unfortunately, for far too long, our undocumented and immigrant communities have faced challenges accessing affordable healthcare.

President Biden said it himself, “It’s past time for Congress to give Dreamers a pathway to citizenship.” This new rule could bring us closer to that goal by recognizing that we are here to stay and providing our communities with the support and resources we need to thrive.

The Biden administration is about to make a final decision on the proposed rule – and we have the collective power to secure a life-altering victory for DACA recipients ! our petition to join us in demanding President Biden and the Department of Health and Human Services to expand healthcare access to DACA recipients! Healthcare is a human right – regardless of immigration status. Our fight for a pathway to citizenship can’t be successful if we don’t prioritize our people’s mental and physical wellness. Sign our petition today in support of the implementation of this new rule!

Thank you for your advocacy and allyship with our immigrant siblings!

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis

Executive Director

Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice



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