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Please Help Prevent Nuclear War - Action Alert from WILPF

There are simple actions you can take to move us toward a safer world.

Send these messages and encourage others to do the same.

1.Live in Wisconsin's Second Congressional District?

Reach out to Rep. Pocan about supporting a House Resolution

urging our government to support the United Nations Treaty

on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)

2.Live Madison, Wisconsin?

Contact our City Alders about passing a Back from the Brink Resolution

that includes nuclear divestment language.

(Includes links to key supportive information.)

Not sure who your alder is? Check here.

Once you contact your alder, do please respond

to this email letting us know who you contacted

so those organizing know who still needs to be contacted.

Thank you.

Contact: Susan Freiss

2079 Winnebago St. Madison, WI 53704



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