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Notify WI Faith Voices for Justice if you're interested in being a panelist on one of the upcoming Interfaith Intersections events

Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice is excited to announce our 2024 Interfaith Intersections events.  This program brings people together to hold intentional conversations on a variety of topics related to faith. 

 An important aspect of this program is that our panelists are lay people, not clergy or academics.  Therefore, panelists will address the topics speaking from their own understanding of their faith but not speaking for their faith.  Please volunteer if you're interested in being a panelist.

 Please join us:

(all events are Thursday nights, 7:00 to 8:30 in person and on Zoom)

  • March 7 – Sin; at Madison Christian Community, 7118 Old Sauk Road, Madison

  • April 11 -  fasting/self-denial;  location TBD

  •  May 9 - forgiveness - person to person; person to God; at the Bahai Center, 324 W Lakeside St, Madison

  • Sept. 12 - what is your faith’s "high holy day" - location TBD

  • Oct. 17 - cycle of times/seasons in different traditions; location TBD

  • Nov. 14 - giving thanks; Sugar River United Methodist Church, 415 W Verona Ave, Verona



 If you would like to be a panelist for any of these events, email Rabbi Bonnie Margulis

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