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Madison's Back from the Brink (BftB) Resolution will be voted on by City Council 10/3/23!

The Madison Back from the Brink (BftB) Resolution will be introduced to the City Council on 9/19/23 and voted on 10/3/23. Time for you to take action, Madison!

As you know, the F-35 fighter jets are named as part of the U.S. strategic nuclear triad. Community efforts that make it clear that we do not condone nuclear weapons can build into a larger movement. And maybe, just maybe, we can ultimately make those horrible jets go away. But we definitely need to prevent nuclear war. Back from Brink Resolutions call on our federal government to: · Actively pursue a verifiable agreement among nuclear-armed states to eliminate their nuclear arsenals. Renounce the option of using nuclear weapons first. · End the president's sole, unchecked authority to launch a nuclear attack. · Take U.S. nuclear weapons off hair-trigger (launch ready) alert. · Cancel the plan to replace the entire U.S. arsenal with enhanced weapons. · The City of Madison Back from the Brink Resolution also commits Madison to nuclear weapon - free investments and contracts. The BftB recommendations were developed by members of the Union of Concerned Scientists and Physicians for Social Responsibility USA in consultation with experts on nuclear security. The financial recommendations are the result of research on other cities that have committed to nuclear weapon free investments/contracts, and the hard work of the Madison Finance Director and City staff. If you have already contacted your Alder, contact them one more time and urge them to vote on 10/3 for the Back from the Brink Resolution. If you have not already contacted your Alder, this is the time to do it! Nuclear disarmament sometimes feels like an impossible goal. But the grassroots Nuclear Freeze movement of the 1980's led to negotiations between Russia and the US that resulted in a decrease in the world arsenal from 60,000 to today's 12,500 warheads. To find your alder, go to: Here's a link to the national campaign:

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