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We invite YOU to be on the WNPJ Board!

No matter where you live in Wisconsin, you can sit at the table of the Board of the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice! Our meetings are now via zoom, as well as in person.

Do you have ideas on how to move Wisconsin forward in justice and peace issues? We want YOU to help set the direction for the next years of WNPJ.

We have 32 years of statewide organizing - creating and maintaining an umbrella organization covering so many different peace and justice groups - environment, labor, prison justice, agriculture justice, anti-nuke work, immigration, democracy - and more!

We now have 77 member groups under our umbrella, as well as individual members - keeping all informed through social media, a weekly e-bulletin and an active website events calendar - showing the intersectionality of all we do.

Here's what Board members do - per our By-laws:

1. The Board shall meet at least quarterly to oversee the operation of the WNPJ.

2. The Board shall develop and adopt a budget to carry out the priorities set at the General Assembly meeting.

3. It shall set policy and procedures for the operation of the WNPJ, including the assignment of duties deemed necessary to raise funds.

4. It shall review the recommendation of the officers in personnel issues, and in the hiring and termination of staff, in accordance with those policies and procedures.

5. It may initiate and organize statewide actions.

The only requirement to run for the board is that you are WNPJ member, or contact of a WNPJ Member Group, at the time of the Fall election.

But more than that - we learn together as a Board when we do get the opportunity to gather together in person throughout the state....

- whether it is anti-racism training at the Farley Center, viewing an open-pit mine in the Penokees, watching real original corn growing with the Oneida, or talking renewables together at Echo Valley Hope or the Midwest Renewable Energy Association Fair in Custer.

Being on the Board is fun, it's educational, it's rewarding - and it makes a difference!

Join us.

If you're interested in being on the 2023-2024 WNPJ Board, to be elected at our Fall Assembly, contact - and tell us a little about yourself and why you want to be part of this Board.


Current board members: Tynnetta Jackson & Mary Kay Baum, co-chairs; Vicki Berenson, Treasurer; Erika Bach, Secretary; John Peck, Dena Eakles, Debra Gillispie and Brad Geyer



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