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Listen to Nukewatch Talks - an Exclusive: 'John’s Jail Send-Off'

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Nukewatch’s John LaForge will be entering a German prison on January 10 to serve 50 days for his part in actions aimed at removing US nukes from Germany. Dozens of activists that have been involved in the campaign have endured jail time. Click here for the audio recording of the zoom call - to hear from John LaForge, Susan Crane, Gerd Büntzly, and others.

Nukewatch Talks - an Exclusive- John’s Jail Send-Off Zoom Meeting Thursday, January 5, 2023 -

If you'd like to send mail to John from Jan 10th through mid-February, here's his address:

John LaForge

JVA Billwerder Prison

Dweerlandweg 100

22113 Hamburg



Contact: Kelly Lundeen, John LaForge


740 "A" Round Lake Rd, Luck, WI 54853

Nukewatch has been working for a nuclear-free future since 1979. Nukewatch brings critical attention to the locations, movements, dangers, and the politics of nuclear weapons and radioactive wastes. They work to raise awareness and take nonviolent action to address the nuclear dangers that threaten current and future generations.



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