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I Missed It: Recognizing Signs of Trouble in Veterans & First Responders

For too many of us the world has taken unkind turns. Many feel the effects of trauma and PTSD. Learning about signs and symptoms of these deep human struggles and discovering ways to approach someone in need are becoming essential.

If you live in Milwaukee the American Legion Post 180 of Bay View will be offering a workshop Saturday June 24 from 9 am until noon at On the Clock Bar and Grill, 4301 South Howell Avenue.

This event was sent to WNPJ from the hardworking member organization Veterans for Peace #102 – Milwaukee. These are the men and women who never give up and are always there to lend a hand. Let's give a shout out to their consistent and vital efforts toward peace.

Learn more about Veterans for Peace here.

We need one another. Every drop of kindness helps.

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