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"Hope away from home."

On June 20 of each year the UN honors World Refugee Day.

Two maritime disasters and their aftermaths signal to us the current view of those seeking asylum versus the class discrepancies that encourage people not to care.

Very little attention was given when the fishing ship carrying over 700 human beings, mostly women and children, capsized off the coast of Greece - until learning that the Greek Coast Guard knew the ship was in trouble and did nothing.

This in sharp contrast to the international search for the submersible carrying five tourists, in which case no expenses were to great.

Perhaps podcasts like those in Democracy Now and Reuters will begin to call an awakening to the crisis on our doorsteps. Over one hundred million people are currently displaced by war, drought, and violence.

How we will cope with this human tragedy weighs heavily before us. Our histories do not speak well of our capability for compassion. But there are people seeking better days.

View this Peace Channel webcast on World Refugee Day, feel the hope, and unite.


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