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Do you know a teen with a story to tell about gun violence?

WAVE has sent WNPJ a link to a program called "ENOUGH! Plays to End Gun Violence."

We're calling on TEEN WRITERS (ages 13-19) from across the country to write and submit short 10-minute plays confronting gun violence.

To all the young writers out there - or those with a voice who don’t know that they are writers, yet -we need you in this moment. We need you to channel your fear and frustration, your anxiety and anger, and, yes, your hope, into stories. Stories that tackle the issue of gun violence. Stories that show us that this is not normal. Stories that show us how to be better. ​We need your voice now more than ever. With it, together we will say ENOUGH! Write the change you want to see in the world.

Submission deadline April 20th



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