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Cultivating Beloved Community

Dr. Martin Luther King knew that Beloved Community was essential for change.

The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice allows us to create and maintain that Community. Need inspiration? Take a stroll through our Facebook page to see postings of the 73 member organizations that are the Network.

Need connection? Read what thoughtful and kind activists are doing throughout this state, much of it in real time and often available via zoom or live broadcasting. From environmental issues to ending the nightmare of prisons and war you can find people and organizations doing compelling work.

Need information? The treasuries of researched materials from PFAS to clean energy, nuke watch to labor reform and so much more are readily available.

Need to take action? Every organization could use some help. Find the one that calls to you and offer your skills.

As we celebrate Dr. King’s life, we can pay homage for more than one day. We can shake off the lethargy of hopelessness and get busy answering his call:

“Life's most persistent and urgent question is,'What are you doing for others?"

Perhaps the best we can do is invite people in and widen the circle of Peace.

Spotlight from WNPJ Board member, Dena Eakles



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