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Cassandra Dixon of Mary House and Palestine Partners leaves for Gaza next week....

Much to my amazement, I’ve been accepted to go along on the Freedom Flotilla’s emergency humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza. I’ll be leaving Madison on April 11, and would be grateful for your help.  

The UN Food agency has said that famine is imminent in northern Gaza. Virtually everyone in Gaza is struggling to get enough food, and around 677,000 people — nearly a third of the population of 2.3 million — are experiencing the highest level of catastrophic hunger. If Israel broadens its offensive to the city of Rafah, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed, the fighting could drive over a million people — half of Gaza’s population — into catastrophic hunger.  

The maritime corridor and floating pier to be built by the U.S. are dangerous distractions from the fact that Israel continues to obstruct the entry of aid through the land borders, prevent the distribution of lifesaving aid, particularly in the north of Gaza, and prohibit the entry of anesthesia, maternity kits, water purification systems and more. The maritime corridor will be controlled by Israel, which will decide what type and how much aid is allowed to enter Gaza.

In response, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition will sail a large cargo ship carrying thousands of tons of humanitarian aid, as well as passenger ships, carrying civilians from around the world—journalists, doctors, aid workers, and more—straight to Gaza.  While we will carry much needed aid, the flotilla will also serve to directly challenge Israel’s naval blockade and siege of Gaza, and it’s  message and mission is one of solidarity and support for Palestinian freedom by breaking the illegal Israeli siege of Gaza.  

At this critical time—when the International Court of Justice has found that Israel is plausibly committing genocide, humanitarian aid organizations report that Israel continues to obstruct efforts to get aid into Gaza, and our own government is failing so miserably to prevent the intentional starvation of thousands of Palestinian children,  it is beyond time for civil society to step in and address this humanitarian crisis.  I have every hope that a way will open and these  thousands of tons of humanitarian aid will reach the people who so desperately need it.

I’m deeply grateful for your support, and for all our continuing efforts to push our administration to restore UNRWA funding, end military funding to Israel,  and demand a permanent ceasefire and the opening of border crossings so that aid that is waiting just 10 minutes away can begin to reach those who are starving.  

If you would like to donate towards the cost of this travel,  you can mail a check to me at Cassandra Dixon, 3579 County Road G, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965, or donate via GoFUndMe by clicking the button below, or at, or Venmo me @Cassandra-Dixon-11 . Anything raised above the costs of travel will go to the larger costs of funding the flotilla.Thanks and love,Cassandra



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