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Biden: Go Big, Go Bold. Citizenship for all.

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court allowed the continuance of Title 42, the Trump-era rapid expulsion of migrants seeking asylum at the southern border. These people are fleeing violence and extreme poverty and are now living in dire situations while the U.S. courts and legislators play a sinister game of keep away. The Court may not lift the policy until June 2023. At that time it is expected that huge numbers of migrants will be legally seeking asylum in accordance with international and U.S. law.

The Biden administration must create humane and safe corridors of entry for this influx of humanity. Immigration reform is needed now. Our united voices must ensure this inhuman and illegal barbarism ends.

Voces de la Frontera is a leading Wisconsin immigrants' rights organization empowering people for over twenty years. Their website is full of Wisconsin based information, petitions and thoughtful actions. They are a membership driven organization and deserve our support.

Let 2023 be a year of inclusion and intersectionality, as we create the world we know is possible. Best wishes to all of our member groups as we go forward. May peace prevail.



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