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Action Alert from WISDOM!

A few months ago, we delivered a letter to Governor Evers, asking him to use his constitutional powers to commute the sentences of two men: Israel Saldana and Michael Maldonado who are two of the very many people who have been in Wisconsin prisons too long.

You can read the letter here and learn about Israel and Michael. The Governor's office has acknowledged receipt of the letter and has indicated that they are looking into it. Today, we are asking you to let the Governor know that there are many of us in Wisconsin who want him to use his constitutional authority to begin to consider commuting sentences. It is part of our system of checks and balances, in which the Executive can provide a balance to extremes, like the sentences received by Michael and Israel. There are two ways for you to get involved today. First, you can add your name to the electronic petition here. Please scan or take a picture of any paper petitions you gather and submit them to

We also urge you to write Governor Evers a card or letter requesting that he commute the sentences of Michael and Israel and establish a procedure for reviewing additional cases similar to theirs. The address for the letter or card is: Governor Tony Evers 115 E. Capitol, Suite 1 Madison, WI 53702 If you have a group or social justice committee, you can take half an hour in one of your meetings to ask everyone to send a message. If you need examples of these letters, please reach out to Let Governor Evers know that if he does the wise and fair thing, the people of Wisconsin will have his back. Too many people have been in Wisconsin for far too long. Some were children when they were sentenced. Some received disproportionate sentences. Many, like Michael and Israel, have worked very hard to change their lives and to be ready to make a contribution when they get a second chance. It's time for common sense to outweigh political fear. In Solidarity, David Liners

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