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A Win for 350 Wisconsin AND an Urgent Action Alert!!

Yesterday - thanks to people like you who called and Tweeted our

US Senators - we achieved a major win in the fight for climate justice!

But, as we wrote yesterday (below) - there's no time to rest!

Here's a NEW Action Alert today. Write your letter before Oct 3rd!:

My name is Julia DePalma. I co-lead 350 Wisconsin's Community Climate Solutions Team. I am reaching out to ask you to help us expand renewable energy infrastructure in Wisconsin.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Let the Public Service Commission know you support renewable energy development in Wisconsin and are in support of the High Noon Solar Energy Center proposed in Columbia County, WI. You can click on this link below for some sample comment ideas.


  • High Noon Solar Energy will create enough energy to power all of Columbia County.

  • High Noon Solar Energy will generate $1.2 million in annual tax payments. $700,000 of that revenue will go to Columbia County and will replace 40% of the revenue lost by the closure of the Columbia Energy Center. The remaining $500,000 will go to surrounding townships.

  • The project will use just 1% of the agricultural land in that area.

  • The project will have 300 MW of solar capacity, but also 165 MW/660MWh of battery energy storage—the same size as the Koshkonong project.

  • Energy conservation and efficiency is a proven strategy for reducing electricity consumption and demand for new generation. But, by itself it does not change a utility’s resource mix. It will take intentional generational turnover in favor of renewables to achieve dramatic reductions in air emissions. This is the kind of project that must replace coal power.

  • Reduced emissions equivalent to taking 52,000 cars off the road.

  • Learn more here.

The last day to submit comments is October 3rd, so we need to act quickly! If you submit a letter, please reply to this message - - to let us know that you lent your support.

Thank you for continually advocating for increased sustainability and clean energy practices in our communities. With your help, we can all work together in making exciting and necessary strides towards these goals.

Your voice counts!

Julia DePalma

CCST Co Lead

This means that Senator Manchin got the message loud and clear: he did not have the votes to push his fossil fuel permitting side deal through today. He did not have the votes to hold the government hostage to fossil fuel interests.

How did he get that message? Because YOU spoke out. YOU showed up when it mattered. YOU held the Senate accountable for climate justice, and YOU called for our elected officials to protect the communities being sacrificed for fossil fuels. So... thank you.

But we can't let this victory lull us into complacency. Senator Manchin WILL try to get his pipeline permitting deal pushed through at a later date - a permitting deal that will fast-track the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and potentially make it easier for similar pipelines to pass through Wisconsin.

We've delayed the permitting bill, but we can be assured that we'll see it again.

That's why it's still crucial that we continue to push for climate accountability from elected officials, and that we continue to push for climate champions at every level of government. We have to continue to speak out for climate justice, because we can be sure that many people in power will continue to sacrifice frontline communities.

I hope that today's victory shows you the power of individual voices coming together for a common cause. I hope it inspires you to continue to do the work. I invite you to join 350 Wisconsin Action as we work to keep climate justice at the center of political discourse. There are so many ways for everyone to be involved!

Once again, thank you for helping us achieve this major win for climate justice, frontline communities, and the future of our planet. I'm looking forward to future victories with all of you!

In solidarity,

Emily Park 350 Wisconsin Action



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