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More WNPJ Groups Report at 2023 Spring Assembly

In addition to our program focusing on the Driftless region and energy concerns, other WNPJ member organizations reported on their work.

Brad Geyer, Veterans for Peace Chapter 25, Madison

Iraq War veteran Brad Geyer speaks about the chapter’s Memorial Day display and events, and efforts to pass US Congressional Resolution 77: Embracing the goals and provisions of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Mark Foreman, Veterans for Peace Chapter 102 – Milwaukee

Mark Foreman talks about the chapter's outreach activities in Milwaukee including the Armistice Day event and especially the Golden Rule, a boat which sailed in 1958, attempting to stop nuclear weapons testing in the Marshall Islands. The boat was recovered and has been sailing around the US and down the Mississippi River, educating people about the dangers of nuclear weapons. It is expected to arrive in Milwaukee at the end of August.

John Peck, Family Farm Defenders, PC Foundation, Wisconsin Books to Prisoners

John Peck, also a board member of Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice, talks about elements of the Farm Bill, including SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Program). Family Farm Defenders works on many issues important to farmers, including antibiotics in herds, big data in agriculture, privatization of "the commons", GMO, and right to repair (equipment). He announces his upcoming workshop on climate in agriculture at the MREA Energy Fair in June. There's also information about how the PC Foundation can help organizations like Wisconsin Books to Prisoners.

Steve Watrous – Milwaukee End the Wars Coalition

Steve reported on two Zoom calls on April 15 and May 13, attempting to bring peace activists together with the challenging goal of Uniting Wisconsin to End the War in Ukraine.

Judy Miner reports for James Reeb UU Congregation, Raging Grannies and UNA - Dane County

Judy reports on the work of James Reeb's Immigration and Refugee Rights team; Madison Raging Grannies available to sing for peace & justice, with humor and satire; and the United Nations Association of Dane County, which provides monthly programs.

Debra Gillispie, Mothers Against Gun Violence

Debra Gillispie, founder of Mothers Against Gun Violence in Milwaukee, and also a board member of Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice, talks about the possibility of taxation of gun products to help survivors of gun violence.

Amber Williams, WAVE (Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort)

Amber Williams is WAVE's Community Outreach and Engagement Associate. She talks about their work educating on gun violence prevention, how people can help, and says that their youth interns can be involved in your events.

Mary Kay Baum: WISDOM and Madison Arcatao Sister City Project (MASCP)

Mary Kay Baum speaks of WISDOM's work on criminal justice issues and the sister city relationship to the people in Arcatao, El Salvador, currently experiencing a difficult political situation.

Dena Eakles, Echo Valley Hope

Echo Valley Hope is teaming up with The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) to offer a free interactive Peace Education Program, something that is being used worldwide for conflict resolution series. Hear more about the program and how you can be involved in learning more about how to create peace.



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