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WNPJ is a network of 79 peace and justice organizations.

We foster connections and build collective power for a sustainable future.

Annual WNPJ Fall Assembly - "Every Drop Counts"


The annual WNPJ meeting will be held Saturday, October 28th, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

at the Fox Valley UU Church, 2600 E. Philip Lane in Appleton - and via Zoom                        All welcome -  *Every Drop Counts: Coming Together for Water*

* The Assembly is dedicated to the work of Dawn Sturdevant Baum

* Peacemaker of the Year Award to Bill Christofferson of Milwaukee, lead organizer for 'The Golden Rule' anti-nuke boat.

* Music and slides to remember our George Paz Martin - "We Are Family"

*'Sold Down the River - It's happening to all of us' - video with John Peck and Lynn & Nancy Utesch

*Guest Speaker, Dean Hoegger of Clean Water Action Council will present: 'Using Local, State, and Federal Laws to Protect the Waters of NE Wisconsin '

* Rights of Nature Wisconsin Initiative, with WISDOM representative

* WNPJ business meeting, food and sharing, member group tabling, and more!


For more information and to register go to!

WNPJ Spotlight


As the World Burns...

In total disregard of process and environmental concerns, Minnesota Power signed a labor agreement with the Northern Wisconsin Building and Construction Trades Council to build a $700 million gas-fired power plant in Superior next spring.


Known as the Nemadji Trail Energy Center, the plant was proposed in 2017 and has failed to secure the permits necessary to begin. Environmental groups have issued warnings and legal challenges, but are being ignored.


A generating cooperative, Dairyland Power, boasts the gas plant will help us towards a “clean energy future”. They’re certain people will accept the words “clean energy” and call it a day. They’re hoping ratepayers ignore the price tag as well as the increased amount of energy required to run the plant. They’re hoping the calls for protecting the water; the people and their ancestral homeland by the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa will fall on deaf ears. 


The fossil fuel industry distorts facts regarding renewables and battery storage as insufficient. They ignore health risks associated with methane emissions and burst pipelines. And they’re tying our children’s children to an unsustainable system.   


Contact Dairyland (608-788-4000). Let them know where you stand on this ill-fated energy center.

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