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Winona LaDuke and Six Elder Women Arrested at the Shell River; report by Rebecca Kemble of Madison

On July 19 seven Elder women, among them Honor the Earth director Winona LaDuke and Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative reporter Barbara With, were arrested for trespassing as they sat in lawn chairs on the banks of the Shell River praying and hoping to put a halt to Enbridge’s horizontal directional drilling under the river stressed by a historic drought.  Update: 7/23: Winona LaDuke was released from Aitkin County Jail yesterday and rejoined the Shell River 7 at the river.

  Article by Rebecca Kemble 7/20/21

They face off with sergeants and deputies from Rice and Stearns County on Enbridge’s easement to the Shell River July 19, 2021. Photos by Citizen X

Sign up for YOUR WNPJ member group to table at the Madison Farmer's Market - Saturdays on the Square

You're sure to find WNPJ members you know at the Dane County 'Saturday on the Square' Farmer's Market.

Petition calls for A-bomb victims to be remembered during Olympics

A former mayor of Hiroshima has launched an online petition calling for a moment of silence to be observed during the Tokyo Olympics at the time the atomic bomb was dropped on his western Japan city on Aug. 6.

Contact your members of Congress today and demand they oppose any funding for new nuclear weapons!

On this day, seventy six years ago, the world was forever changed when the U.S. detonated the world’s first nuclear device in the Trinity nuclear test. 

Conducted in the desert of southern New Mexico, it began the morally corrupt, racist, and lethal legacy of nuclear weapons. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) “New Mexico residents were neither warned before the Trinity blast, informed of health hazards afterward, nor evacuated before, during, or after the test. Exposure rates in public areas from the world’s first nuclear explosion were measured at levels 10,000- times higher than currently allowed.” Sadly, it’s no surprise that the downwinders of Trinity were largely impoverished agricultural families, mostly Hispanic and Native.

Make a Call: "No First Use of nuclear weapons!"

Speak out in support of the Endangered Species Act

The Biden administration is about to start the first of what will likely be several official rulemakings to reverse the last administration’s rollbacks of the Endangered Species Act, one of the most effective tools we have for protecting wildlife and its habitat.  There are two things you can do right now to help:  LEARN and TAKE ACTION.

Be An Advocate for Racial Justice - Sign the Pledge

Not only is it time to acknowledge the harm done by racism past and present, it is also the time to start to repair some of that damage. 

From the struggle for racial justice to healing the planet, a global nonviolent shift is needed more than ever.

As part of For Goodness Sake, a live online nonviolence training and webinar exploring the power of music in nonviolent movements will be hosted by Pace e Bene on Friday, August 20. Click here for more information.  On Saturday, August 21 enjoy music from around the world to support the movement for a culture of active nonviolence free from racism, poverty, environmental destruction, and war.


The Navajo Nation and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals opposed the inconsistent and confusing restrictions Arizona imposed on voting.  Yet this month, our highest court ruled Arizona can continue to require ballots to be returned only by a guardian or immediate family member.

WNPJ Signed onto a Statement on the Need for a Bold Budget Resolution

The Poor People’s Campaign is joining with the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center, Institute for Policy Studies, and Economic Policy Institute in a statement calling for Congress to seize an historic opportunity to set a bold reconciliation package that meets all of our needs.  Forward together, not one step back!  Please read the full statement below.

Convince President Biden to do the right thing and stop Line 3

Encourage everyone  you know to take this 2-5 min action:  Go to and simply send a brief message asking President Biden to “Stop Line 3.” Of course, it may help to add the important reasons, but if you only have 2 - 5 mins, a very brief note will be better than nothing. (And, you will be glad that you did!) A brief sample letter and flyer can be found here.

Legislation to expand community solar has been introduced. Your action is needed!

On Tuesday, July 13 Senator Duey Stroebel (R - Saukville) and Representative Timothy Ramthun (R - Campbellsport) released legislation to expand access to community solar in Wisconsin. They have asked other members of the legislature to sign on as co-sponsors of the bill. The deadline to co-sponsor the bill is Friday, July 23rd.  Ask Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor the Bill!

Send your postcard: “Postcard Campaign of Resistance Against the F-35s!"

The Interfaith Peace Working Group appreciates your participation in our Postcard Campaign of Resistance against the F-35s!

Now that our communities are cautiously opening up,we hope that you can distribute additional postcards at Farmers’ Markets, Festivals, Picnics and 

to Faith Communities and Elected Officials in Wisconsin.

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