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URGENT Action Alert from Madison Rafah Sister City Project

Hello everyone, We don't normally send this kind of email to you, however, the people in Gaza desperately need our support as they are being demonized in order to facilitate murderous violence and the threat of mass expulsion. Also, emboldened as the world looks elsewhere, settlers are on the rampage in the West Bank depopulating and then razing a series of small villages; scores of people have been killed, arrested or injured. Our government is making this possible with our tax money, throwing its complete military and political support behind Israel. The hypocritical facade of "concern for both sides" is being abandoned. Please view, post and circulate this message from a young woman trapped in Gaza, and this one from our friend Ahmed Abu Artema, who visited us a few years back here in Madison, also now sheltering under the bombs.

Then please take action. Attend demonstrations near you, or consider organizing them. Get information out as much as you can to counteract the terrible pro-war and pro-Israel message now dominating the mainstream Western media. Some good sources of news here. AND...EVERYONE should call their representatives. There is an alert at the end from the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights with a tool to do that. You can call over the weekend and leave a message. If you can't get through or mailboxes are full, try another office or use their online contact forms. KEEP CALLING to counter the massive pressure from the other side in support of Israel's war. Here are direct numbers for some in Wisconsin. Rep. Mark Pocan 608-258-9800 Madison 202-225-2906 DC Rep. Gwen Moore (414) 297-1140 Milwaukee (202) 225-4572 DC Sen. Tammy Baldwin All offices listed here Sen. Ron Johnson offices here And here's another option: This coming Tuesday, Oct. 17 you can register to join Code Pink's informational session and emergency Capitol calling party. Thank you, Barb O. Madison-Rafah Sister-City Proj< ps--If you are in Madison, please come to our event tomorrow, Sunday October 15 2-4 pm at Tenney Park Shelter; vigil at end so bring your flags, kuffiyehs and signs.



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