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Help Organize Building Unity’s Democracy Tour this Spring in Wisconsin

You're Invited

Please help Building Unity’s Democracy Tour to inspire and activate voters and build our statewide movement for peace, justice, sustainability and democracy. Please read the invitation below.

The Ask: 

The Building Unity Democracy Tour hopes to be making stops in each of Wisconsin’s 33 Senate Districts, between March 15th and May 31st. To make this goal, the tour will have to make three stops each weekend - one on Friday evening, one midday on Saturday and one on Saturday evening.

The Democracy Tour will increase voter turnout and strengthen grassroots movements for peace, justice, sustainability, and democracy.

Please review the draft tour map above and and consider helping us secure one or both of the following in or near your Wisconsin State Senate district:

  • A place where the “UnityMobile” could park for five or six days serving as a billboard advertising the upcoming tour stop events. (this could be a driveway, a parking lot, or even on the street.)

  • A place where people can gather indoors for the community forum or some other event. This could be a house of worship, a library meeting room, a community center, etc.

Please call one of our Democracy Tour Coordinators:

  • Charlie Uphoff at 608-213-6063 or 

  • Tim Cordon at 608-630-3633 if you could help with either of these requests.

In addition to helping us find venues and/or a parking place for the “UnityMobile,” we are also looking for organizational partners to help endorse and promote the tour. Please fill out this form if your group would like to help make this tour possible. There is no financial requirement. You can view our growing list of partners here. Lastly, we are also hoping to find a few people who would be comfortable driving the 34' Unity Mobile for some of the tour.  

Time is of the essence. Depending on the responses to this request, we will determine if we can organize this tour by January 22nd. On Monday, January 22nd, between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm, Building Unity will be hosting a VIRTUAL Winter Unity Summit. (We hope that you will join us. Register here.

The Democracy Tour will follow the lead of local communities. Please share any suggestions you might have regarding your community's tour stop event(s).


Thank you for your consideration!


The Democracy Tour Planning Committee:

Rebecca Alwin - Raging Grannies, Building Unity, and WI Grassroots Network

Tim Cordon - Building Unity

Charlie Uphoff - Building Unity & Oregon Area Progressives

Montre Moore - NAACP - Wisconsin State Conference of Branches Environmental Justice Committee, and Building Unity




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