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Healthcare is Human Right

Wisconsin has continued to reject $1.6 billion additional funds from the federal government to expand Medicaid. We are one of eleven states rejecting Medicaid expansion and hindering low-income people’s access to better health care.

In addition, we are facing an exacerbated health care crisis as the federal public health emergency (PHE) is phased out this year. Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites could lose Medicaid coverage.

Let us move forward together covering as many people in our state with the best access to healthcare possible and not allowing anyone to be removed from Medicaid.

To: Wisconsin's Joint Finance Committee

We call on the Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee to: * Accept federal funds to expand Medicaid as 39 other states have done. * Fully fund access to healthcare to ensure that no person in Wisconsin is removed from Medicaid. * Recognize that Healthcare is a Human Right.

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