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  • Nonprofit Tech for Good : Recommended blog - sign up for new content email alerts, webinar announcements and more.

  • TechSoup (Free & Discounted Apps and Software) : Offers nonprofit groups discounted or donated software including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Zoom, QuickBooks, Norton Antivirus, and more. Application for access to discounts required.

  • TechSoup  (Tech Support): Offers one-time Help Desk services or ongoing IT support, geared to nonprofit needs.

  • TechSoup  (Tech Education) : Offers online courses to nonprofits for tech planning, website usage interpretation / analytics, email marketing & newsletters, and more.

  • Google Analytics (Tutorial Video): Learn how people find your website, where they go, how long they stay on what pages, and where they last visit before they leave. Free, with option for additional details or a fee. 

  • Mail Chimp : Stores up to 2,000 unique email contacts for newsletters or broadcast email messages, at no charge. Create and send professional broadcast messages using online tool

  • Survey Monkey : Create basic surveys up to ten questions, at no cost. Gives a link for easy sharing of surveys in emails, etc. Enhanced question types and response analysis requires extra fee

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