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2008/09/24: Call your national representatives and tell them to oppose the U.S.-India nuclear deal.

Stop US-India Nuclear Deal
Congress may vote this week!

Earlier this month, the Bush administration bullied 45 countries into lifting a 30-year ban on nuclear trade with India - a ban put into place because of India's history of failure to comply with international treaties designed to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.  The Bush administration has been pushing for an agreement with India to trade nuclear technology and material with India which may allow India to build more nuclear weapons.

2008/09/24: Voter irregularity in Wisconsin - Action needed

Hundreds of thousands of legal voters are at risk - but utter silence from the McCain campaign.

Media are reporting Wisconsinites have received absentee ballot applications from the John McCain for President campaign with incorrect return addresses, which would likely prevent registration and processing from being completed.

We need answers about this McCain mailing immediately and we need a full investigation by law enforcement.

2008/09/23: Billions for War & Billions for Wall Street? Rallies planned for Thursday, Sept. 25th!


Billions for War & Billions for Wall Street?

Bush strong-armed Congress into supporting the war. The Bush administration has spent more than $800 billion for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the world. Now they demand a $700 billion blank check for Wall Street using fear and threats with no public debate!

Bail Out the Troops and Main Street, Not Wall Street!


Thursday, September 25, 5 PM

2008/09/23: Contact your senators asking support for a floor vote (this week) on S3061 The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauth

            Please contact your senators asking support for a floor vote (this week)  on

2008/09/22: Please Call Today: Tell Your Senators Not to Pass the NRA's Reckless and Dangerous Bill.

Please Call Today: Tell Your Senators Not to Pass the NRA's Reckless and Dangerous Bill.

The House of Representatives bowing to intense pressure from the National Rifle Association (NRA) passed H.R. 6842, the "National Capital Security and Safety Act."

Please help the people of D.C. by calling your Senator today -- tell him to vote NO on H.R. 6842!

Contact Wisconsin Senators: Herb Kohl  & Russ Feingold  at the Capitol Switchboard today at (202) 224-3121

2008/09/22: Alliant's Proposed Cassville Coal Plant: A Bad Deal for Wisconsin!

Alliant's Proposed Cassville Coal Plant:
A Bad Deal for Wisconsin!

Alliant Energy proposes to build an old-technology coal plant in Cassville that’s a bad deal for Wisconsinites. It’s bad for our economy, for our environment, and for our health.

2008/09/19: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, other Wisconsin papers distribute anti-islam DVD

Many readers of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel were shocked to find a DVD entitled "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" enclosed inside their Sunday newspapers. The film features the views of Walid Shoebat, an evangelical Christian who falsely claims to be a former Muslim terrorist. Last year, Shoebat told the Missouri Springfield News-Leader, "Islam is not the religion of God - Islam is the devil."

The film is being promoted by a right-wing group which is distributing the DVD's in so-called "swing states" where the Presidential race is expected to be close, including Wisconsin. Click "Read more" to see if your town is on the distribution list.

2008/09/19: How Can Our Country Approve a Trade Treaty with a Government Like This - in Colombia?

                Workers in the sugar industry in Colombia’s Cauca and Cauca Valley have gone on strike in response to the refusal by the Sugar Cane Growers’ Association, Asocana, to negotiate with them for better pay (they now make about $200 per month), shorter hours (they now frequently work 14 or more hours per day), a healthier work environment, better housing and educational facilities for themselves and their families, and a formal work contract with labor and union rights. President Alvaro Uribe response was to order the military into the mills to remove striking workers. The mill owners have called upon the national police to stop and inspect mill workers. Paramilitary groups have threatened several workers.

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