Prescott students speak out on race-based mascots issue

Students from Prescott, Wisconsin, made their opinions known and voices heard before the Wisconsin State Assembly Education Committee. After studying the issue of using American Indian imagery as mascots, students in Mr. Ryan’s class testify in support of Assembly Bill 35, a proposal to limit the use of race-based names and images from public school sports teams.

2010/02/25: WisPolitics: Assembly approves bill on race-based mascots

 WisPolitics reports: The Wisconsin Assembly voted 51-42 Thursday, Feb. 25, to approve legislation that could require schools to drop race-based nicknames, logos or mascots if a district resident complained to the state.

Republicans objected Tuesday to a final vote on the bill, forcing today's vote. They also objected to messaging the bill to the Senate to delay further action as GOP members complained over what they said was the oversensitivity of some and allowing a state bureacrat to weigh in on a local issue over a school's mascot.

2010/02/06: Peggy Wireman: Capital Times: Let's go beyond 'gotcha' on race

WNPJ member Peggy Wireman, in an opinion column in the Capital Times: It is important for us each to consider and discuss our attitudes and our automatic assumptions about people of different race or ethnicity. But it should not distract us from continuing to acknowledge and attack the remaining discrimination in our institutions.

Bill on racist school mascots needs a push

More than 30 schools in Wisconsin still use "indian" logos or mascots, but when native people in these communities raise objections to these racist symbols, they are often met with hostility and even threats of violence. Senate Bill 25/Assembly Bill 35 (.pdf) would create a process by which the Department of Public Instruction can review complaints about racist school mascots, and attempt to resolve these issues in a fair manner. Watch students from Prescott, WI study the issue - and come to the hearing in Madison. 
How you can help:

NIEA Resolution passes,calling for the elimination of race-based Indian logos & mascots

Press release from the Wisconsin Indian Education Association 'Indian' Mascot and Logo Taskforce 10/26/09. The  National Indian Education Association calls for immediate elimination of race-based Indian logos, mascots, and names from educational institutions throughout the nation.

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