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Rise Up! Protect the Water. Join the Treaty People Gathering in Northern Minnesota

Rise up. We rise together for treaties. We rise together for climate. We rise together for our water. We rise together for one another. As Enbridge builds Line 3 through Anishinaabe treaty land and the Mississippi Headwaters, we continue to stand strong in our resistance.

Stop Israel’s illegal expulsion of Palestinians from their homes


More than 500 Palestinian residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem are going to be violently forced out of their rightfully-owned homes by Israeli settlers.

Make that peace call to Rep. Pocan!

Here's an update on peace movement efforts to cut military spending plus something Madison-area folks could do right away to help: call Rep. Mark Pocan. He is a key link in a new national effort to defund the Pentagon, but this struggle won’t be easy.

JustDane Healing House Wish List - Madison

The Healing House is in need of items to make things comfortable for the guests.  The Program Coordinator has developed a wish list of items they need.

Please sign-up  here to donate and drop the items off at the Healing House: 303 Lathrop St., Madison, WI 53726.  Items can be left in the storage box on the porch.

Tell your water utility it's time to test for PFAS


Despite the serious health risks, most Wisconsin municipalities haven't tested their drinking water systems for PFAS.

Call your Senator to End the Saudi-led Blockade of Yemen

In February, we were thrilled when President Biden announced an end to U.S. support for Saudi-led “offensive” operations in Yemen. And again in March, when the U.S. resumed critical humanitarian assistance to northern Yemen, paused by USAID under the Trump administration.

Yet Yemenis continue to suffer.

WISDOM 'ASK ' - make at least one phone call Thursday morning on the WI Budget!

Last Thursday the legislative Joint Finance Committee (JFC) received the last testimony from citizens about the 2021-23 State Budget.  Immediately after the comment period ended, the Republican members of the Committee - without even informing the Democratic members - released a huge list of items they intend to "remove from consideration."  Clearly, the list was prepared before they heard or reviewed the public comments.  The timing of the release gives the impression that they intended to make clear that they were not paying att

Tell Congress to help close the digital divide now by supporting the AAIA

Broadband has become integral to people's lives, especially over the past year. It's how many folks are logging on for work, attending classes, keeping in touch – even seeing doctors or scheduling vaccine appointments.

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