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Call to Action - Fight for Paid Family Leave

Paid family leave is vital to rebuilding our economy, getting people, especially women, back to work, and ensuring we have a healthy workforce that also can take care of their families.

10/11 - 'Day without Latinxs' & 'Immigrants for Citizenship' Rally - Milwaukee (cars and bus leaving from Madison)

No work, no school, no buying. Oct 11. 11 am - 733 W. Mitchell St., Milwaukee. Contact Voces de la Frontera 414-643-1620.

Sign Up Now and Participate in Vets for Peace "Climate Crisis & Militarism Project"


The national office of Veterans for Peace has a mission: to educate and mobilize about the cost of war and militarism as it relates to the Climate Crisis.

Our areas of focus are:

  • The carbon bootprint of the US military, larger than that of many countries. 
  • The wars for oil and other resources – how they support the fossil fuel-based status quo.
  • The unequal burden of both climate crisis and militarism on people of color, the poor, and future generations.
  • The resources spent on militarism and war – redirect to respond to the existential threat of climate crisis.

To learn more, contact or see

Contact your WI legislator TODAY , September 28th - Fair Maps!

Tuesday, Sept. 28th the WI State Legislature is voting on a resolution that would lock in the rigged maps of 2011. We cannot let them get away with this!  That’s why you need to contact your legislators by email and by phone  on Tuesday September 28, and urge them to vote against this sneaky move.

Protect the Right to Vote! Pass the Freedom to Vote Act!

As anti-democratic voter suppression bills sweep through our nation's state houses, including in Wisconsin,  Senators Klobuchar and Manchin introduced on Sept. 14 the Freedom to Vote Act. Call 888-885-1748: Ask your Senators to support robust national standards for federal elections in the Freedom to Vote Act to ensure that we can safely and freely cast our ballots!

Madison area: Call to Action on F-35s - and Spread the News of Oct 17th event!

The silver lining to the horrific decision to base the F-35s war planes in Madison is that it presents an amazing focus for us to come together. Copy this alert, modify it as you need to to make it your own, and send it to your people. If you are part of any groups, ask them to sign on as one of the Safe Skies Clean Water Coalition supporting groups by filling out this form:

We come together for:

Urban Triage is seeking volunteers in Dane County. Training starts the week of Sept. 27th.

On September 22, 2021, Urban Triage will begin processing rental support applications submitted to Tenant Resource Center before their database shut down to transfer application information to our database. Our website, application form, call center, and online chat will be available to all residents outside the City of Madison as of October 1, 2021. Here's where you step in; we need your help. Your help is required to provide a quick turnaround time for applications.

September 21 was the International Day of Peace. - Call your representatives! Cut the Military Budget!

September 21 is International Day of Peace.  The United Nations General Assembly established International Day for Peace in 1981 and designated it as a day for nonviolence and ceasefire in 2001. This is also the week in which the U.S. Congress is expected to act on the record-setting U.S. military budget submitted to Congress by the President and increased by $25 billion by the Senate and House Armed Services Committees.

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