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Sign your name - No US Bases on Norwegian Soil!

On June 3, 2022, a majority in the Norwegian Parliament approved a bilateral Supplementary Defense Cooperation Agreement (SDCA) with the U.S. government, which the conservative Norwegian government had signed on April 16, 2021.

The Interfaith Peace Working Group is initiating a second postcard campaign: “FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES.”

To get your postcards, see information below: The basing of the F-35s fighter jets at Truax Field in Madison is a threat to those dreams and expectations for children and families living on the north and east sides of Madison. 

URGENT CALL TO ACTION. From Coalition to Save the Menominee River

URGENT CALL TO ACTIONFrom Coalition to Save the Menominee River and those opposing the Back 40 Mine. Deadline to comment extended to July 20!

WNPJ member Buzz Davis - "Thoughts for ACTION on Memorial Day"

Hello to all on Memorial Day. It is a sad day for millions of Americans.A sad day for all who lost friends and loved ones to wars abroad and wars here in America.

Contact your Senators and Congresspersons This Week: FREE Whistleblower Daniel Hale!


Tell the Biden administration to eliminate NWP12 and close this disastrous pipeline loophole for good!

Fossil fuel pipelines threaten our rivers, streams, and wetlands ... they can pollute drinking water sources and damage wildlife habitat ... and they lead to pollution that fuels the climate crisis and threatens our ability to meet the goals needed to protect our planet.

Let your State Senators know that playing on fear for political advantage is not acceptable.

We have heard a lot in recent days about Wisconsin’s Parole Commission.  For many years, WISDOM has been concerned about the fate of people who have been in prison for decades, and we are pleased that the current administration has begun to give them fair consideration. 

Climate Safe Pensions for Wisconsin! * Sign the petition....

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