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Family Farm Defenders joins the global call to action demanding #FoodSystems4People!


Over 300 global civil society organizations of small-scale food producers, researchers and Indigenous Peoples’ will gather online (July 25-28) to protest against the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit.

Invitation to Apply for the The Victory Noll Sisters Small Grants Program - by Oct 14

The Victory Noll Sisters Small Grants Program; Seeding Creation Care. Have you heard?  Small grants are available up to a maximum of $1,000 for groups, parishes and individuals.


CALL FOR NOMINATIONS :We encourage you to nominate one or more persons in the Dane County Community who have worked to improve the lives of others internationally or have worked to highlight the mission, value, and goals of the United Nations. Deadline July 26.
You can submit your nominations 2 ways: 1. Download the word document (click the button below) and send it to

2. Or, Directly through our website submission section via the link:


The Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River gathered recognizing efforts to stop Back Forty. June 16th

Celebrating clean water, blessing the Menominee River - &  interview with Al Gedicks.

From the struggle for racial justice to healing the planet, a global nonviolent shift is needed more than ever.

As part of For Goodness Sake, a live online nonviolence training and webinar exploring the power of music in nonviolent movements will be hosted by Pace e Bene on Friday, August 20. Click here for more information.  On Saturday, August 21 enjoy music from around the world to support the movement for a culture of active nonviolence free from racism, poverty, environmental destruction, and war.

MREA-AmeriCorps Opportunity decision Aug 1

How to talk to the unconvinced re: CAFOs with John Ikerd

Twenty Responses to Defenders of CAFOs

John Ikerd: "When speaking at public events about the negative impacts of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operators or CAFOs, I am often asked how best to respond to “talking points” used by defenders of CAFOs. Below are my typical responses to twenty of the more common questions and comments of CAFO defenders."

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