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2009/01/31:U.N. should charge Bush and Cheney - John Murphy

2010/03/05: WNPJ member from Duluth travels with CPT to Iraq

 Michele Naar-Obed, of  member group Loaves and Fishes, of Duluth,  has returned to Suleimaniya, Iraq this winter. WNPJ will post her reports on our website. Michele can be reached at Michele writes: March 5, 2010 - Dear friends, It's been a long and tiring month and a lot has happened here in the Kurdish north of Iraq. Our long awaited human rights report is now public. "Where there is a promise, there is a tragedy": Cross-border bombings and shellings of the northern village peoples of the Kurdish region of Iraq by the nations of Turkey and Iran

2009/01/24:U.N. Ambassador Rice a fine choice - Tom Brown

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