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2009/05/22: Journal Sentinel: Nuclear plant foes prepare for fight

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports on a coalition including WNPJ, Physicians for Social Responsibility and 10 other groups which wrote the governor and legislature on the subject last week:

Opponents of nuclear power are gearing up for a big fight over changes to the state's nuclear moratorium. Nuclear plants are just too expensive to build, opponents say, and the lack of a resolution to the nuclear industry's waste problem means the time hasn't arrived to reconsider a Wisconsin policy that's been in place for 25 years that, in effect, bans construction of new reactors.

Read the rest here.      Read an earlier post and the coalition's letter here.

2009/05/23: Common Dreams: Steve Carlson: The Awful Sound of Silence

Steve Carlson, a WNPJ and Peace North activist from Trego, writes on the Common Dreams website about the under-reported, almost untold story of the death and human suffering the US invasion has caused in Iraq. Read it here.

2009/05/20:In These Times: Xe is the Problem - No Private Armies

2009/05/19:Leader Telegram: Support resisters - Todd Dennis

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