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Duluth calls for bringing war dollars home!

On December 17th, Duluth become the third community in Minnesota - after St Paul and Minneapolis - to pass a resolution calling for the redirection of military funds to meet human needs.

"We don't need to be working in the framework of austerity. Last year Congress devoted 59 cents out of every dollar appropriated to war," Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project leader Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer told KQDS-DT.

In Wisconsin, Milwaukee and the AFT labor union have passed Bring Our War $$ Home (BOW$H) resolutions so far.  The Dane County Board is expected to vote on a BOW$H resolution in January.

House of Corrections victory in Milwaukee County

Congratulations to everyone involved in our successful take back of the House of Corrections!  An action alert from WNPJ member group the Benedict Center requested calls to Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele urging him not to veto the Harris Amendment, which restored funding for a superintendent position for the Milwaukee County Correctional Facility - South (CCF-S).

The CCF-S superintendent will improve public safety by implementing programs to reduce recidivism, including AODA treatment, employment training, and community based alternatives like electronic monitoring, the Huber Facility and the Day Reporting Center.  On November 14, we received the news that Abele declined to veto the amendment. Thank you to all who called and the Benedict Center, Wisconsin Community Services, MICAH and Disability Rights for spreading the word.

Eau Claire votes to amend the Constitution

On election day, more than 70% of Eau Claire residents voted yes on the question:  "Should the U.S. Constitution be amended to establish that regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting freedom of speech, by stating that only human beings, not corporations, unions, or PACs, are entitled to constitutional rights?"

Eau Claire wasn't alone!  In every community where Move to Amend-type resolutions were on the ballot November 6th, they passed resoundingly.  Nationwide, 24 communities in eight states voted in favor of real campaign finance reform and against corporate "personhood."

Kewaunee nuclear reactor to be shut down

The Kewaunee nuclear reactor, near Green Bay, will be shut down in mid-2013, owner Dominion Resources announced.

Dominion had been trying to sell the reactor for a year and a half, but could not find a buyer.

In a statement, the company said the decision to mothball the nuclear reactor "was based purely on economics."

The Chicago Tribune reports, "Kewaunee is the first nuclear plant to shut its doors due to competition from natural gas. Production has jumped in recent years as new technologies like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or 'fracking,' enable energy companies to tap the United States' vast shale reserves."

Milwaukee votes to move the money, from wars to community needs!

On September 25, the Milwaukee city council unanimously passed a resolution "urging federal authorities to redirect spending priorities and resources from military operations in foreign countries to domestic programs including housing, health care, education and veterans support," reports WPR.

Among many other jarring facts about U.S. war and military spending, the Milwaukee resolution points out that Pentagon spending could be cut by 80% and still be the largest military budget in the world.

The resolution was suggested by WNPJ member group Peace Action Wisconsin, whose "Move the Money" campaign links runaway war spending to unmet community needs.  It's the first - but likely not the last - such resolution to be considered in Wisconsin.

More information can be found on our Bring Our War $$ Home page.  If you're interested in proposing a similar resolution to your school board, union council, city council or county board, please contact us at (608) 250-9240 or

SOA Watch Delegation to Discuss the SOA/WHINSEC at the White House mid-Ocotber!

School of Americas Watch news:  Step by step, the longest march can be won.  You did it! After protests and nonviolent direct actions, thousands of petitions, and letters from religious leaders and Members of Congress, the White House has agreed to sit down with an SOA Watch delegation to discuss the School of the Americas / Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation mid-October. WNPJ has been involved with this movement over the last years, with our former Lifetime Achievement Awardee, Maureen McDonnell, OP leading the way. And longtime WNPJ member Fred Brancel of Monona (photo) served 6 months in a federal prison, for crossing the line at Ft. Benning, GA several years ago. Many of our members have made the annual trip to Geoargia each November in protest, written letters, and made call to our representatives. Thank you all.  Read more below, of what you can do now is support of this upcoming meeting.

NUKEWATCH members, Bonnie Urfer and John LaForge receive the Peace Owl Award

Celebrate International Peace Day with Bonnie Urfer and John LaForge of NUKEWATCH, recipients of the Peace Owl Award. They'll be facilitating a NUKEwatch Nuclear Teach-In during an afternoon of evvents from 1 - 5 pm in Green Bay at the Harmony Cafe, 1660 West Mason St. Program: at 1:30 there's an 'ECO-tour; 2 - Green Party presentation; 2:30 Clean Water Action Council; 3 Fall blessing and lunch break - and at 4 pm, the NUKEwatch t All welcome. Contact: Jim Olmsted at 920-264-3779 and learn more about Nukewatch at

WNPJ member to receive the Linda Sundberg Civil Rights Defender Award

On September 18th, Dennis Bergren will receive the Linda Sundberg Civil Rights Defender Award in Madison at Union South, 1308 West Dayton Street. All welcome from 5 - 7 pm that evening to join in the celebration with Community Shares of WI as we recognize this year’s Award Winners: Matt Dannenberg (Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters);  Kim Hogan (Disability Rights Wisconsin); and Dennis Bergren (OutReach).   Backyard Heroes will also be recognized, including WNPJ's Sheila Spears and Mary Beth Schlagheck,   To RSVP by 9/7,  call CSW at 608-256-1066.   Suggested donation is $40. Read more below, about Dennis Bergren, former Board member of WNPJ:

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